Another Hiatus

With regret, I am announcing another hiatus from posting on this blog.  Since I installed new security software, my email box has been overwhelmed with notices of failed hacking attempts.  I do have the IP address and in some cases the names of the persons involved.

This is very stupid.  There is nothing here of value to steal.  Any attempt to alter the contents  would be immediately reversed.  I suppose the challenge of trying  to break the code is just too attractive for some, but to me, it’s just a pain in the ass.  I feel it’s like people trying to steal my house keys.

I am not naive about human nature, having once been involved in politics and having studied Thomas Hobbes and Baltasar Gracian.  I was never one of those who believed that the internet would change human nature, as did some of my friends.  Along with the good it would do, I knew that it would multiply exponentially the opportunities for crime and evil.  And it has.

I love playing this old music but I don’t need to do this.   To  borrow a quote from B.B. King, “The Thrill Is Gone.”  In other ways, I have taken and  I am taking steps to reduce my presence online.

But, I want to thank all those who have subscribed to this site.  I am glad to have found a worldwide audience with almost 8,000 subscribers.  I hope I have shown that there is a musical gold mine hidden in dark closets, or out in the garage.  To my subscribers, good luck and probably Goodbye:

Thanks to Cenotosa

About Richard Rollo

I am a retired Community College Instructor. I taught Political Science 1 American Government for 22 years in Southern California. I am originally from Northern Minnesota. My earliest years were spent in the living quarters of a rural Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Depot. Then my family joined the great 1950's migration to Southern California where I joined up with fellow baby boomers in overcrowded schools.
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