Bud Freeman — You’re My Everything

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This marvelous  tune was You’re My Everything (1931) Harry Warren Music  and Mort Dixon Lyric.  The performance is from a recording issued on LP originally  in 1955 titled “Midnight at Eddie Condon’s with Bud Freeman’s All Stars.”  It took me some time and effort to track down an actual copy of the LP because it is long out of print, it was never reissued on CD, and only used copies are available, mostly in Europe.  Worse yet, the credits on the LP cover are no help. The You Tube poster wisely chose not the mess with the issue.

This LP was recorded  at a tavern in New York City that Eddie Condon owned and managed.  Eddie Condon also played rhythm guitar, organized recording sessions including sessions with Commodore Records.  His roots in music went back to the early 1920’s in Chicago.  So did Bud Freeman who was one of the original “Austin Gang” who formed bands at Austin High School in Chicago, Illinois.  These were loose sessions on this LP, which united old friends in an after hours setting where they could unwind.   Whoever was there that night sat in with the band.

Unfortunately, the credits on the LP cover don’t reflect who played on which cut.  So, I’ll just have to guess going from most to least certain.  We definitely have Bud Freeman on Tenor Sax.  My ears clearly tell me that we have Charlie Shavers on Trumpet and no one else is listed.  Since only Vernon Brown is listed on Trombone, I’ll go with that.  I lean toward Peanuts Hucko on Clarinet but it could also be Edmond Hall (who usually sounds softer than this player.) Wild Bill Davis is listed on piano but I’ve never heard him play anything but Hammond Organ.  So, I’ll go with Joe Sullivan on piano who plays stride piano somewhat  like Fats Waller with a dash of Earl Hines.  On Drums it could be Dave Tough or George Wettling.   We’ll probably never know for sure.

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