Frank Sinatra — Put Your Dreams Away For Another Day — The Catrobat, Chuck Cecil

Put Your Dreams Away was music that inspired The Catrobat. Dan (The Captain) and Leilani, like my parents, were part of an older cohort of the so called Greatest Generation. That is, by the time World War II was over, they were pushing 40. They survived the Great Depression and the War. They had spent many long years in the 1930’s putting their dreams away for another day. I think that was true of many men and women their age.

The song was written by Ruth Lowe, Paul Mann, and Stephan Weiss in 1945. For Ruth Lowe it along with I’ll Never Smile Again were among the sad songs written after her husband of only one year, Harold Cohen, had suddenly died. They became big hits for Sinatra. Ruth Lowe’s other claim to fame: she was pianist for Ina Ray Hutton’s all girl band in the 1940’s.

I first heard this on Chuck Cecil’s Swingin Years, as I first heard much of Sinatra’s early work on the Swingin’ Years. It changed my opinion of him very much. Those were great records and he indeed did it his way.

You Tube thanks to Sony Music.

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