Songs the Swingin’ Years brought to me: Ella Fitzgerald — Stardust

Hoagy Charmichael and Mitchell Parish wrote Stardust, one of the all time popular standards of American Music. Ella Fitzgerald sings the lyric. Piano – Ellis Larkin.

I first heard this really great version of this old classic song not long ago on Chuck Cecil’s Swingin Years program on WPPB. It was my mother’s all time favorite song although she preferred Nat King Cole’s version. Ella sings this version of Stardust almost like a 1920’s blues song with the cadence and timing of Bessie Smith. There were a few typical Ella flourishes in the middle, but this performance mostly reminded me of Bessie Smith. Ellis Larkin played the piano accompaniment like one of Bessie Smith’s accompanists would have played. It’s a wonderful record.

Last week, in this space, I listed a song that caught my fancy for my novel, The Catrobat. I’ll be alternating between these and maybe other things for the time being.
Thanks to Hotsiawase3 for the You Tube

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