Dogs and Learning: a followup to Cats and Learning

Last year, or more specifically, October 21, 2013,  I wrote a post titled “Cats and Learning,”   here’s the link.  It featured a video by Matt Hirst of his cat and dog trying to make a jail break through a locked kitchen door.  While the dog had a lot of enthusiasm for the idea, it was the cat who methodically went through the alternatives and  got the door open.  Some people might have drawn the conclusion that dogs are dumber than cats.

I want to dispel that idea by showing a video of this beagle making a “doggy jail break.”  As with the cat jail break, the owner set up a video camera to find out how the dogs were getting out of the enclosure.

The jail break was more athletic than the cat’s but it was equally clever.  I rediscovered this over the weekend.  Thanks to Ann Althouse who posted a link to it some years ago.

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