Hello, I’m back!

Thanks to JazzyclassicJazz2 for the YouTube

Yes, I’m  finally back home and back to posting

The song above is an instrumental version of Laura.  It was issued on what turned out to be Nat King Cole’s fairwell to performing on the piano.  Afterwards, he only made lush vocal albums with full orchestras.  Poor David Raskin suffered while the money rolled in from royalties from the Spike Jones version I’ve played here (and will play again.)  It wasn’t his fault that Spike Jones thought the lyric was silly; it was the lyric of the song that doesn’t stand the test of time.  But I notice that the movie Laura is still highly rated and was so popular at the time that  many girls born in the late 1940‘s were named Laura.  Life goes on.

Well, I didn’t plan to stay away this long but I had quite a few things to do and I wanted to take my time and do it right.   I converted the Windows 10 computer to Ubuntu-Linux.   I can use Abiword in Linux which gives me the same ability to create posts as TextEdit  did with Macintosh.

About the time  I was ready to resume posting, some old family business came up in Minnesota so I took a cross country road trip and I took a few detours along the way.

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I am a retired Community College Instructor. I taught Political Science 1 American Government for 22 years in Southern California. I am originally from Northern Minnesota. My earliest years were spent in the living quarters of a rural Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Depot. Then my family joined the great 1950's migration to Southern California where I joined up with fellow baby boomers in overcrowded schools.
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