Annette Hanshaw — Rosy Cheeks

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Rosy Cheeks was composed and written by Seymour Simons, Richard Whiting, and Kenn Sisson. On this recording from 1927, she is well accompanied by Irving Brodsky on Piano.

Annette Hanshaw’s singing career on sound recordings and radio lasted from 1926 to 1937. She had several high points including in 1934 when she was named the most popular female singer on the radio (Bing Crosby was named most popular male that year.) She recorded 250 sides in her career. By 1934, she had sold 4 million records. She retired in 1937 when she married recording executive Wally Rose. She soon afterwards was largely forgotten until revivals came after she passed away.

In an interview given on Canadian Public Radio in 1978, she was asked her opinions on her career. She astonished nearly every one when she said that she hated all her records, thought they were all terrible, hated show business. Well, I thought her records were very well sung. When asked about her favorite singers, she mentioned Sophie Tucker among others. But, I would suggest that Annette Hanshaw’s softer and more intimate singing style was better suited for radio and phonograph records. For more about Annette Hanshaw, see this.  Annette Hanshaw was one of a kind, and as she used to say at the end of her records, “That’s all.”


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