Mr. Sandman — Chordettes

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Mr. Sandman was an important song from my childhood. The song was written by Pat Ballard and various versions were recorded that same year, 1954, This song had a tremendous impact on me especially the vocal voicing. It wasn’t entirely acapella but mostly. The voicings knocked me out.

I thought it was part of my 45 RPM record collection at my childhood home in Britt, Minnesota. But, that memory of the song was wrong. The Chordette’s version of Mr. Sandman was released in October, 1954, by which time I was in the First Grade at Lakeview Elementary School in Whittier, California. I wasn’t buying many records in my post Britt childhood.  But in California in those days, the radio stations played hit records relentlessly.

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That was Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt singing Mr. Sandman on Dolly Parton’s television show from the 1980’s They are among my favorites, I came across them separately and was really pleased when they recorded trios.   Sadly, Linda Ronstadt is no longer able to sing.

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