Joe Avery’s Blues — Jeff and Joel’s House Party #1

Thanks to CineDevine for the You Tube

This version of Joe Avery’s Blues comes from the first Jeff and Joel’s House Party. The personnel included Vince Giordano, bass; Bria Skonberg, trumpet; Joe Midiri, clarinet; Tom Palinko, drums; Robin Verdier, piano; Herb Gardmer, Trombone; Joel Schiavone, Banjo.

Joe Avery, except in name, is a long forgotten trombone player who composed this simple 12 Tone Blues for the second line of a New Orleans Marching Band parade.
For more information and hopefully better explanation , see more here.

Some notes about this cut: in addition to playing some very earthy trumpet, It looks like Bria Skonberg was the leader on this tune. A very important player here is Vince Giordano who arranged and composed the music for the movie, Aviator, and for the Italian movie, Bix. among many other accomplishments. Robin Verdier gets in some Jelly Roll Morton riffs not often heard anymore.  All of these musicians were first rate.

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