Rochelle Hudson — Rendezvous with a Dream

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Rendezvous with a Dream was a song sung above by co star Rochelle Hudson in the 1936 movie, Poppy, starring the legendary comedian W.C.Fields. I was ill over Christmas weekend and I watched a collection of W.C. Fields movies. I’ve seen It’s A Gift and The Bank Dick numerous times, but I hadn’t seen Poppy except for brief outtakes. W.C. Fields movies are not really known for great music. Usually, the music in Fields films have him singing off key in the shower as a gag. So, I was pleasantly surprised by Rochelle Hudson’s beautiful version of this song in the movie.

Rendezvous with a Dream was written by Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin in 1936 and used in the entertainment segment of Professor Eustace McGargle’s (W.C. Fields) show within the show. After Poppy’s release Bunny Berigan, Eddy Duchin, Buddy Clark, Johnny Green, Shep Fields (no relation), and Thomas Kinsman (one of four versions in the U.K. all had hit records.) I even found a vintage Ampico piano roll of the song. Those releases confirm what I heard…a great song.

And here is Bunny Berigan’s version with vocal by Peggy Lawson — A Rendezvous with a Dream:

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For more information on Poppy the movie, here is the link to IMDB.


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