Max Keenlyside — Harlem Stride Bass Piano Medley

Thanks to Max Keenlyside for the You Tube

Like Columbus, I always seem to find something great when I was looking for something else. For me, so it has been with young players of vintage music such as Bria Skonberg, Stephanie Trick, and now Max Keenlyside. It’s always a thrill to find a young person who loves this old music and masters it. He makes it look easier than it is to play.

Here we hear compositions by James P. Johnson (Snowy Morning Blues, Carolina Shout), by Willie the Lion Smith and Donald Lambert (Keep Your Temper), and the Lion as sole composer (Echos of Spring.) Now, the ever dapper (always with a derby hat) Willie the Lion Smith probably wouldn’t approve of the T shirt, but I am sure he would love the piano playing.  It’s great!

He lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada and for more on him, check this address (I can’t get it to make a link.)

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