Jimmie Lunceford — Rain

Thanks to OnlyJazzHQ for the You Tube

Funny, I remembered this song but because of the title Rain, it was hard to find it in an internet search because so many songs have the word Rain in the title. There’s “Here’s that Rainy Day”Come Rain or Come Shine” “I Don”t Mind Walking In the Rain.” Anyway, you get the idea, but I finally found this record by Jimmie Lunceford.

I’ve also been wanting to play a Lunceford record as well as this song, so here we are. Jimmie Lunceford was not quite as famous as other band leaders, but I think he was among the best of the swing era orchestras.. I should also note that when Lunceford was in high school in Denver, Colorado, he studied music under Wilberforce Whiteman…Paul Whiteman’s father.

By the way, the rhythm of this song is a Foxtrot. It’s a lively dance number.

I noticed that the Decca 78 erroneously credits Eugene Rose as the composer of Rain, the correct name of the composer is Peter De Rose. Great song, great orchestra, great vocalists. Speaking of credits, on my copy of the sheet music the lyric is credited to Billy Hill. But, that is not the lyric used by Jimmie Lunceford…I might add that I think the Lunceford lyric is much better.

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