Glen Campbell — Mull of Kintyre

Thanks to stratxdigitalmedia for the you tube

I was quite surprised when I came across Glen Campbell’s version of the Mull of Kintyre, where he plays the bagpipes. Bagpipes? That I didn’t know. The song was written by Paul McCartney, (yes, the former Beatle) and Denny Laine. The song when first released by McCartney’s group Wings, did very well in the British Isles but not so well in the U.S. Oh well, I was deep into “Old Music Made New” in those days anyway. Perhaps many of you are more familiar with this song than I am.

Glen Campbell evidently learned the bagpipes to play this song and Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace is the traditional song about a Scots sea captain who asks God’s forgiveness for his involvement in the slave trade. I noticed that Glen Campbell’s bagpipes had the Campbell Scots Tartan on it.

The late Glen Campbell was an amazing talent. As the Scots would say, we’ll neigh see his like again. R.I.P.

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