McKinney’s Cotton Pickers — Stardust — with Lonnie Johnson.

Thanks to Atticus Jazz for the YouTube including the great period pictures

When Don Brown did his Cobweb Corner program.  When he played a really old record, he would say that the record came from behind the shelves where the spiders danced.  Well, this one is only old in comparison to the recent records I’ve played.

Stardust was written by Hoagy Carmichael. This performance on October 13, 1928 was by McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, here playing as the Chocolate Dandies, probably because of rights and contracts.

The Personnel included Don Redman, cl, as, v, dir: Langston Curl, John Nesbitt, t / Claude Jones, tb / Milton Senior, cl, as / George Thomas, cl, ts, v / Prince Robinson, cl, ts / Todd Rhodes, p / Dave Wilborn, bj, v / Lonnie Johnson, g /Ralph Escudero, bb / Cuba Austin, d. New York, October 13, 1928.

This was a great band organized by Don Redman. Todd Rhodes played a fine piano solo on this record. He had a long career playing piano in 1920’s jazz and later in 1950’s R&B music. What is special about this record was the great 12 string blues guitarist Lonnie Johnson. Once you hear him, you never forget him. With Ralph Escudero playing tuba behind Lonnie Johnson and his 12 string guitar, they achieved a great jug band effect behind the guitar solo. Great early Jazz with long time blues player Lonnie Johnson

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