Louis Armstrong and Orchestra 1936, Swing That Music

Thanks to Dennis Tschirner for the YouTube

Swing That Music was a Louis Armstrong composition.  This session featuring Pops Foster B Paul Barbarin D. Almost a decade before this date Louis Armstrong had become very much an established artist. This recording was made at a time when the music was in transition from Hot Jazz to Swing Music. And Louis….well, Louis was Louis no matter what the style of music.

Here is a great admirer of Louis Armstrong, Bria Skonberg from Chilliwacke, British Columbia, Canada.

Thanks to SeconLine for the You Tube

This was early after Bria Skonberg arrived in New York. The venue was Louis Armstrong’s home in Queens, New York. His home has become a museum dedicated to his life and music. Bria Skonberg worked there as a volunteer when she first arrived in New York. She has moved in a different direction in her music in more recent records, as might be expected. Personnel for this event were Bria Skonberg: Trumpet, Emily Asher: Trombone, Cynthia Sayer: Banjo, Dan Levinson: Clarinet, and Jared Engel: Bass . The performance was on June 18, 2011 in the Louis Armstrong House Garden, Corona, Queens

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