Fats on Friday — Organ solo — Soothin’ Syrup Stomp

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Soothin’ Syrup Stomp  was recorded January 14, 1927.  According to Maurice Waller, Fats had begun recording on the Camden pipe organ in late 1926, and throughout 1927. He only had two recording sessions of any kind in 1928, both on piano. The last organ session I could find was September 1929. By then, he was also recording fewer piano solos. Instead, he had arrived at the formula he would use throughout the 1930’s with his Rhythm group: start off with a piano solo, then do a vocal, clown with the lyric, then solos for the sidemen, then take it home.

Several Dutch Jazz Fans wrote an article in their magazine Doctor Jazz. Here is a translation of the article from the original Dutch, including some historic pictures. Victor had to abandon the studio in the 1935 because of the construction of a subway. Also, the article discusses the difficulties of recording the organ with the piano and other instruments. It’s interesting the fate of this historic building with its organ was of little knowledge or interest to officials in Camden, New Jersey. When Fats had a revival here in the U.S. in the 1970’s, these organ records were not reissued. The LP I have of these was issued by French RCA and imported by Don Brown.

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