Fats on Friday — I’ll Dance At Your Wedding

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I’ll Dance At Your Wedding was recorded by Fats Waller and Rhythm on December 7, 1938. Rhythm consisted on this date of Herman Autrey, trumpet; Al Casey, guitar; Cedric Wallace, bass; Slick Jones, drums; Gene Sedric;, reeds; and Fats, vocal and piano.

Oh, my my my, as Fats would say. He could say more with a 52 second piano solo than many musicians could say in a half hour. His back up was incredible considering there was no rehearsal nor a take two. Meanwhile, he sings and jokes with the lyric. It’s a credit to his sidemen that they could stay with him.

The composer-lyricist for this version of I’ll Dance At Your Wedding was Joe Davis. I had to search for a copy of the original 78 rpm record label to find that. Another song titled I’ll Dance At Your Wedding was written in 1947 by Buddy Clark, and was sung by him in 1948. Then, as was usual in those days with a hit record, it was widely covered by other artists afterwards. Of course, Fats died in 1943. There will never be another Fats Waller.

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