Remembering Don Brown — The Jazz Man Record Shop and the Cobweb Corner

Don Brown at the opening of the Jazz Man Record Shop at its then new location in Santa Monica, California in the Spring of 1968,  This was a few months before I discovered him.  Photo by Darlene Brown courtesy of Cary Ginell.

Thanks to Sinéad Doherty-Grant  for the You Tube

Today is Don Brown’s birthday.  That was Duke Ellington with Harlemania from 1928. If there is life after death, I imagine Don Brown gearing up to play records on the Cobweb Corner on celestial radio and kicking off the show with Harlemania, which was his theme song. Don was born May 11, 1923 and passed May 30, 1985. He was only 62 years old. RIP. His celestial show would probably conclude with another of his favorites below, Tiny Parham — Sud Buster’s Dream. I owe most of what I know about the vintage music I play on this site to Don Brown, the Cobweb Corner, and the Jazz Man Record Shop.

In addition to the music, Don had a great sense of humor.  When an obvious salesman (i.e. a rare person  in a suit and tie) walked into the shop, Don halted him near the door when he said in a loud voice, “Even if you’re giving it away, I can’t afford it.”  The man stopped in his tracks, laughed, and went on his way.

Ha Ha,  I’m also sure Don wouldn’t mind the pretty girls in Atticus Jazz’s amazing vintage photography collection, which he adds to his You Tube postings.

Thanks to Atticus Jazz for the You Tube

For a look at or a copy of Cary Ginell’s book on The Jazz Man Record Shop follow this link.

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