Memories of a Moonless Night

Thanks to Danail Obreschkow for the You Tube

I saw this video last week, which  brought back memories of my childhood. Those memories came from the year 1957-58 when I nearly died twice, but that’s another story for another time perhaps. This video is about the Cosmos.  In the Summer of 1958, my mother took me out to our property in the California high desert near the Joshua Tree National Monument.  It was the place to recover from my illnesses.

In the daytime, I was reading a children’s science book with one chapter about the stars and the planets and distance in light years. Then another chapter about the miniature inner space world of cells, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons.

At night in the desert on a Moonless night, it was much darker then than it would nowadays. You could really see the stars.  It was an explosion of stars. There were no street lights, or brightly lit shopping centers in Yucca Valley to interfere with seeing the stars. So it was really dark on a Moonless night.  I had thoughts exactly like this video. I had fantasies about the similarities between outer space and inner space.   What if we were, at a cellular level, part of some other even more gigantic world?

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I am a retired Community College Instructor. I taught Political Science 1 American Government for 22 years in Southern California. I am originally from Northern Minnesota. My earliest years were spent in the living quarters of a rural Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Depot. Then my family joined the great 1950's migration to Southern California where I joined up with fellow baby boomers in overcrowded schools.
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