April 1 —Spike Jones’s special version of Laura

Spike Jones plays his special version of  Laura.  What could be more appropriate for April Fool’s Day, April 1st?  It’s that day of the year again.   Presented in loving memory of my cousin Walter.

Thanks  to BassetHoundTrio for the You Tube and thanks to Jim Hollowaty  for whom  this record has  a special meaning.

Art Tatum gets tonight off,  he’ll be back next week.

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I am a retired Community College Instructor. I taught Political Science 1 American Government for 22 years in Southern California. I am originally from Northern Minnesota. My earliest years were spent in the living quarters of a rural Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Depot. Then my family joined the great 1950's migration to Southern California where I joined up with fellow baby boomers in overcrowded schools.
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