Fletcher and the Duke — Ahead of their time.

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Fletcher Henderson’s Variety Stomp. Variety Stomp has a similar structure and rhythm pattern to some early Duke Ellington songs. It was written by Jo Trent, Charlie Green, and Fats Waller. Recorded May 12, 1927. As I mentioned before, Fletcher Henderson had many of his good years in the middle 1920’s when the record companies were still using acoustic horns. Thus, we can only guess at how good his band must have sounded. He was also hit hard by the 1929 Crash and Depression. Worse yet, he was severely injured in an automobile accident during the 1930’s. But, he had great bands and arrangements from the beginning and should be well remembered and regarded.   It was on the late Bob Epstein’s Old Jazz program on KLON-FM at Long Beach State that I first heard Fletcher Henderson.

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Jubilee Stomp by Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club Orchestra was recorded in 1928 with improved sound recording equipment. Jubilee Stomp has a similar Rhythm pattern to Fletcher Henderson’s Variety Stomp.  Both men were ahead of the time in the 1920’s Notice here that Duke Ellington was still playing stride piano, which he later abandoned late into the Swing Era. Bubber Miley would have been a great talent on trumpet, but like Bix Beiderbecke he succumbed to alcohol abuse and died young.

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