Lee Wiley — How Deep is the Ocean

Thanks to ssou02 for the You Tube

I’ve heard many versions of How Deep is the Ocean. This recording really knocked me out when I first heard it. My Aunt Eleanor brought it to me on a visit. It had been part of her husband’s record collection, my Uncle Ed. He bought a 10 inch vinyl LP, with this as one of the cuts, in the early 1950’s. Aunt Eleanor said, “You’ll like this record.” Wow, did I ever. I was speechless. I had never heard of Lee Wiley before. When I found the LP recording titled  Night in Manhattan  was available on  a CD, I bought it right away. I see that Amazon has a variety of new and used copies here.

This is a most unusal interpretation of the old Irving Berlin song, How Deep Is The Ocean. Lee Wiley sings it as a cross between a torch song and a blues. Her backing is Joe Bushkin on piano, who was a great accompanyist. Great music never grows old.

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