Massive Damage From Earthquake Swarm In Central Italy


The USGS is reporting a number of earthquakes in the mountains of central Italy, one at 6.2 on the Richter Scale and numerous aftershocks including one at 5.5. Italian media is reporting at least 38 people killed and many trapped under debris. It took place at 3:36 AM Central European Time near the town of Accumoli. Accumoli is about 100 miles northeast of Rome in the central mountains of Italy according to EarthSky. They further report that many of the buildings were hundreds of years old and that the town is “half gone.”

I’ve written before that earthquakes don’t kill people, it’s shoddy construction, poor building location sites, and lack of preparation that kill people. Nonetheless, we are creatures of habit and these geologic events occur on a much longer time scale than our comparatively very brief lifetimes. It is also saddening to see old, perhaps historic buildings reduced to a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes. R.I.P.

Update 8-25-16  11:31 PDT:  According to KTLA News Death Toll now 241.  Hopefully they’ve seen the worst of it.

Map courtesy of USGS and EarthSky

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