Chuck Cecil and his Swingin’ Years Retire at 94















I  received the following news in an email from WPPB on Friday morning 7-1-16:



WPPB regrets to inform you that the Swingin’ Years with Chuck Cecil will end its broadcasts on Sunday, July 3rd at midnight. Chuck is 94 and has decided to retire. We will greatly miss Chuck who we consider to be a one of a kind American treasure.  If you would like to send a message to Chuck Cecil please email:  Jazz programming will replace Chuck Cecil’s program.


So it is with sadness but gratitude that we see him off.  Few people can match his record of giving such enormous pleasure to so many people at Disneyland, on Los Angeles Radio, on Armed Forces Radio, on WPPB, in radio syndication, on the internet, and much more.   Anyway, let’s give Harry James’ The Mole another spin:

Thanks to Topic for the Harry James You Tube

Thanks to WPPB for the picture of Chuck Cecil and for finding a place for him on your radio station these past years.

Update 7-10-16:  In the announcements Wally Smith made during the last show on 7-3-16, it sounded as if he was trying to coax Chuck to come back on the air.  Perhaps with a few weeks to think about it, perhaps a shorter show, or maybe once a month.  Chuck might be able to carry on; I certainly hope so.  But, I don’t know the state of his health and  I don’t want to raise false hopes either.  WPPB has left the door open, so will I.

Chuck has already accomplished enough for many lifetimes.  I wish him all the happiness in the world.   I’ll send this off with a Nat King Cole record that captures this moment:

Thanks to musicvideosparttwo channel for the You Tube

Thank You so much to Chuck Cecil for sixty years of great radio broadcasting.  Au Revoir.

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