Update on asteroid 2013-TX-68





This is the asteroid that was supposed to have a close flyby with Earth.  According to EarthSky, it was thought that this object would fly a little over 19,000 miles from the earth, which would be even closer than orbiting communications  satellites.  If it were to enter the atmosphere it would produce a shock wave twice as intense as the Chelyabinsk meteor of February 2013.  It is roughly twice the size of that meteor.

But,  last month on February 11, Nasa removed the asteroid from the list of space objects likely to impact the earth within the next 100 years.  For more see the Earthsky link here.  The NASA link is here. So, a Maki and the Bolide is not likely from this object.

It is expected to pass at  7 PM Eastern Time and be seen in the sky as depicted in the graphic above 30 minutes after sunset.  Since that would be 4 PM  Pacific Standard Time, it would still be daylight and there is currently a cloud cover and thunderstorms in the Los Angeles area.  Next time it will pass the Earth will be Stptember 18, 2056.  If I’m still around (not likely) I’ll be almost 108 years old.

Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarlum, courtesy of the Astronomical  Society of the Caribbean, NASA, and EarthSky

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