Holiday Week -End of Year Round-Up

I didn’t post anything for Christmas this year because, frankly, I was too exhausted.  Christmas music is everywhere and while I like it, I prefer to post good music that has been forgotten at least  by most people.  Good Christmas music is usually not forgotten.  I will make up for Christmas on New Years Eve and Day.

A 3,600 foot asteroid came close to Earth on Christmas Eve, December 24, according to NASA. Close for NASA means 6.8 million miles.  That does not sound close in human terms, but in terms of the Universe, it’s very close.  See the NASA link for actual pictures of the asteroid and more. It’s good that they can track these things. Maybe they can prevent a Maki and the Bolide event

El Nino has apparently been blocked off from Southern California by a huge cold front  from the  Northern Pacific Ocean.  It has been  colder than usual,  with daytime temperatures in the 50’s in Los Angeles.  Night time temperatures this week will be in the 30’s.  It has been warmer in New York.  The good news for California is that most of the precipitation in these clouds has fallen in the Sierra Mountains as snow.  California’s water storage system is dependent on the Sierra snow pack.  The Sierra snow pack in the northern and central sectors is way above average.  If the Southern Sierra can catch up, we can put off the day of reckoning for Southern California awhile longer.

So, apparently all the predictions of El Nino bringing a mild winter to Southern California and heavy showers are wrong, at least so far.  That’s not to say that it won’t happen this Spring.  But the national weather maps I’ve seen have shown a weather pattern of colder than normal in California and warmer than normal temperatures  Northeast of Texas and up the Atlantic Coast.  Predicting the weather; it’s a risky business.  Check out the link at fivethirtyeight.

Finally, we now have 900 subscribers.  Thank you all very much.

Thanks to NASA, KTLA, and  fivethirtyeight.

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