99 per cent chance of a 5.0 earthquake soon in the L.A. area according to JPL. USGS disagrees on the specifics.

Earlier today, Wednesday, this prediction by Jet Propulsion Laboratory was reported by L.A. area television station KCBS.  Dr. Andrea Donnellan, a geophysicist at JPL predicted a 99 per cent chance of a 5.0 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in La Habra within the next 2 and a half years.  La Habra was the epicenter of an earlier series of  earthquakes beginning on March 28, 2014 .  La Habra  is located in northern Orange County.

According to the current article, Scientists at the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) think JPL is overstating the the chances.  They think the chances are 85 percent of a magnitude 5 earthquake within three years.

We’ll see who is right, if either of them are right.  I think it’s a good thing when scientists disagree. We need to be prepared regardless.  Both sets of scientists think downtown Los Angeles could be hard hit.

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