The Big Shut Up—J’ade the megayacht

1412261263266_wps_13_jade_yacht_with_garageThe vessel in the above picture is a 196 foot 4 story megayacht, named J’ade. It was built by CRN, a Ferretti group.  It features a water line drive in garage that stores an 8 meter speedboat.  It also has  a gym, steam bath, aquarium, and a white Yamaha grand piano.  It sleeps ten guests and a crew of fourteen.  It has everything a billionaire like Jake Katarto could want.


Jake Katarto is the crony capitalist billionaire in my story, The Big Shut Up.  Find out why Jake Katarto needs a J’ade.  The Big Shut Up is soon to be released.   Note below the design of the garage like door for storage of the speedboat at sea level inside the megayacht.

Picture credits CRN, as first published along with a story in the UK Daily Mail, MailOnLine, October 2, 2014.



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