Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now. Jeff and Joel’s House Party.

We have nearly run out of Jeff and Joel House Parties from 2012, with Bria Skonberg.  I think there are one left and this one.  The personnel on Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now are as follows:

Bria Skonberg, Trumpet; Jimmy Mazzy, Banjo; Noel Kaletsky, Clarinet; Kevin Dorn, Drums;  Albie Bernard, Tuba; Robin Verdier, Piano, Vocal.

My theory on slang is that it is usual invented by teenagers to try and fool their parents.  Then another generation comes along and invents new slang, and their parent’s slang becomes a joke.  I remember the 1960’s as a goldmine of slang centered around surfing, drag racing, the British Rock Invasion, and psychedelics.

So what did Hotsy Totsy mean?  I’m guessing, it meant they were in love.

Here is the Original  Coon-Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra with their  version:

Finally, here are the California Ramblers and their version.  The California Ramblers had many of the greats of the 20’s and the swing era pass through their band.  Funny thing, I don’t think the California Ramblers ever set foot in California.  They were mostly from the Chicago suburbs.  This record included the Dorsey Brothers who ten years later would become big stars of the swing era.

Thanks to CineDevine for the Jeff and Joel House Party video.  Thanks to Brooklynskipper87, for the Nighthawks video, and thanks to Edmundusrex for the California Ramblers video.

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