The Big Shut Up — Who is Chauncey Fosdick?

Chauncey Fosdick is not his real name.  In the early days of blogging, people used pseudonyms, and Chauncey Fosdick chose his name from his grandfather’s favorite 78 rpm record—Red Nichols & His Five Pennies version of Margie.  The sidemen on the record included Dudley Fosdick on mellophone and Chauncey Morehouse on drums, hence our man combined the two names and  became Chauncey Fosdick on the internet.  It suited his eccentricities better than his real name.


Chauncey Fosdick is a libertarian, Tea Party commentator on politics with what his wife called a very sharp tongue. His humor often  stung people who took Fosdick more seriously than Mrs. Fosdick took him.  Many people failed to see the humor in him that she saw in him.  Unfortunately.

Thanks to the incomparable Atticus Jazz for the You Tube.

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