Massive 8.3 Earthquake off the coast of Santiago, Chile

earthquake-chile-9-16-2015-e1442450780659 (1)


The quake struck 7:54 PM Local Time yesterday.  CNN was reporting that five people were killed and 1 million people were evacuated from the effected areas.  An 8.3 earthquake has historically been associated with  massive death tolls.  Any deaths are regrettable, but those numbers indicate the Chileans were prepared.   Chile is on the Southern end of the Ring of Fire, earthquakes are a regular part of life.  There have been numerous very strong aftershocks there as well.


Because the quake  was in the Pacific Ocean, it generated Tsunami waves, as shown in the chart above.  The highest so far was 15 feet, at Coquimbo, Chile.  A Tsunami advisory was issued by the USGS for 6 AM PDT this morning for Hawaii.  Also included in the Tsunami advisory was  the California coastline from Southern Orange County to most of San Luis Obispo County.  For more information see EarthSky and and the website for KTLA.

Followup on the California drought: I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time to post all the news I would have liked.  On Monday in the early AM we had a significant El Nino rainstorm.  It won’t effect the long term drought and water shortage, (we need snow in the Sierra Nevada!) but my shrubbery loved it and the ants went back outdoors.  More of that, please.

Map of Chilean Coast courtesy of USGS, Map of the Pacific Ocean courtesy of NOAA.

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