Wildfires in the Northwest

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The satellite image  above shows the extent of damage so far from the forest fires in Oregon and Washington.  If you, recall a prior post showing the drought area in the Western states, you will know why  wild fires have “charred” nearly 7 million acres  this year. This according to Earthsky. Thats two million more than the ten year average.  Most of these fires have been started by lightening strikes.

KTLA reported on the small town of  Twisp, Washington, where three Forest Service firefighters lived who died fighting the fires. Four more were injured.   Having spent my early years in a small town, I can well imagine the pain going on in that town.

So the whole Western United States is now in a four year  drought.  The author at Earthsky attributes the drought to climate  change, but I think the cause of this drought is still an open question. We have had too many contradictory claims and counter claims.  Too much rain, climate change is to blame .  Too little rain,  climate change  again is to blame.  Andrew Klavan’s formula seems to apply here:  science + politics = politics.  Or maybe it’s just a game of heads I win tails you lose.  Actually, what we need is snow; more snow and soon.

Satellite Image from NASA via Earthsky

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