Connecticut Soviet Comedy







Here we go, the purge has begun.  Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, who have been hailed for over 150 years as the founders of the Democratic Party have now been officially declared  Non-Persons and purged by the Democratic Party of Connecticut.  They have become the YezhovKamenev, and Zinoviev of the Connecticut Democratic Party.  In the above pictures, on the left, we see the original picture of  Stalin with Yezhov before he was purged and murdered.  Then, on the right,  the purged picture of Stalin with the “nonperson”  Yezhov airbrushed out and  Molotov looking at where Yezhov was standing.  Incidently, Yezhov must have been a very short man because Stalin was only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Jefferson and Jackson  are lucky.  They’ve  been dead for well over 150 years so  they don’t have to be liquidated.  Soon, no doubt, the Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner will become the Joseph Stalin Day Dinner in honor of the Godfather of political correctness and would be master of rewriting history.  One of the reasons our entertainment industry is suffering is that  most of our best comedians have gone into politics.

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