Teen Pays for College Tuition with a Jewelry Business

According to Chanel Parks of the Huffington Post, LeiLei Secor started an online jewelry shop in 2012.  She began it while she was still in high school instead of looking for a summer job.  She makes and sells her own jewelry of her own design.  The key bit  here is that she didn’t take any formal courses in jewelry making but she just watched You Tube videos. learned by observation,  and took it from there.  She also learned the business as she went along.  She says has now sold 11,000 products in 40 countries.  Her revenues are now nearly six figures. Read the whole article and see samples of her work here.

The harsh reality of the times is that many young people will have to learn how to make their own jobs.  The kinds of jobs young people used to do to earn money to go to school have either been filled with adults, or sadly, with college graduates unable to find professional level employment.  Unless higher education somehow becomes more affordable, it will not be sustainable.

The bright side of all this is that learning by observing and doing provides skills that no college lecture hall or seminar can provide.  The important thing is finding something you like to do that people are willing to pay you to do.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

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