Stephanie Trick, Stride Piano, “Keep Your Temper”

Back in June 2013, I introduced James P. Johnson’s Carolina Shout, a piano roll he cut that had been converted to a MIDI file. That same week I demonstrated a Synthesia track by Stephanie Trick which was marred by production difficulties.

James P. Johnson was known as the Father of the Stride Piano  He was the composer of the signature song of the flapper age, the Charleston.  He also composed a number of musicals and popular compositions, and he mentored Fats Waller.

The above video does better justice to Stephanie Trick.  You can see, she really plays stride bass piano very well.  This was recorded over five  years ago.   She is phenomenal.  The tune here is Keep Your Temper  written by Willie “The Lion” Smith in honor of Donald Lambert.  Both men played piano along with James P. Johnson on the Harlem Rent Party circuit.  Rent parties were social occasions for raising rent money, which involved food, drink, and music.  For the musicians, it provided opportunities to learn from and compete with each other.  Stephanie Trick has mastered it well.

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