Another volcano erupts this time in Southern Japan










NHK, the Japanese Television Network, reported today that the volcano Kuchinoeabu-Jima on an island south of the main island had an explosive eruption.  Officials issued an evacuation warning for the island.  Here is the English language version:

We’ll have to see if there are any long term effects of this volcano and the previous volcano in Chile.  The effects of volcanos are unpredictable, but there have been historical instances where volcanoes in one part of the world were related later to extremely cold weather in places  half way around the world.  See Klingman’s The Year Without Summer, or  Brian Fagan’s The Little Ice Age.  One of the reasons I am a climate change skeptic is that however much mankind modifies the environment making it warmer, one blast out of a volcano can change everything.  Apparently the NHK video is blocked so you will have to go on You Tube or on Zero Hedge to view it.  Photo Credit:  NHK

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