Hey California! Need to conserve water?

Forget about water saving toilets, here is the real deal on saving water:  build an outhouse in your backyard.  You can do it in four easy steps:

1.  Get your Uncle Walt to build an outhouse for you (not pictured.)  Make sure  to get the half moon or what we call the  Governor Moonbeam model (see below):

2.  Get your Uncle Whitey to rent a trailer to haul the outhouse from Uncle Walt’s shop to your property.


3.  Get your Dad to dig a hole.  It should be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the outhouse and about 4 feet deep.  Make sure it is located  downwind from your house.  Looks like he has a ways to go here.


4.  Tip the outhouse on top of the hole so that it covers the hole.  Then secure it.


And there you have it: your 100 per cent water saving  Governor Moonbeam toilet.  All it requires is an occasional scoop of powdered lime to kill the odors.  Sooner or later, you might have to dig a new hole.  Enjoy the benefits of desert living.   Sorry about the picture quality, Polaroids were not long lasting.

Photo Credits:  Clarence A. “Whitey” Gabrielson

About Richard Rollo

I am a retired Community College Instructor. I taught Political Science 1 American Government for 22 years in Southern California. I am originally from Northern Minnesota. My earliest years were spent in the living quarters of a rural Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Depot. Then my family joined the great 1950's migration to Southern California where I joined up with fellow baby boomers in overcrowded schools.
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