I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I would like and there is no one reason (or excuse.)  I’m working on another book and when the story calls, I answer because otherwise I lose it.  The only reason I’ve gotten anything published in my life is that I followed Dorothea Brande’s advice.

I’ve also been wrestling with some personal business as well, which I would just as soon not talk about.


Photocredit: Photomath outtake via endgadget et. al.

Meanwhile, endgadget featured a new app for smart phones (see the article link for details) which uses the camera to scan in equations and solve them.  You can see in the video at the link that it solves the equation faster than keying an arithmetic problem into a pocket calculator.  I’m certain these things will give math teachers fits.  The math teachers will have to collect these devices (I assume) during every test.  My advice:   try working the problem first then check if your answer is the same.  Used in that way, I see nothing wrong with it.  Read the whole thing.  Hat Tip:  Instapundit.

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