Newly Discovered Asteroid to have near miss with Earth Tomorrow

Asteroid 2014 RC is expected to come very close to Earth tomorrow, at close to the same distance that weather and communications orbit in geosynchronous orbit.  (i.e., they appear to be stationary but remain in orbit above a fixed place on earth.)  This is a NASA-JPL plot of the asteroid’s path.


It will pass the Earth at about 1/10th the distance from Earth to the Moon.  This will take place between 9 AM and 1 PM PDT (Noon and 4PM EDT.)  This is how artists at NASA-JPL think it will look:



Asteroid 2014 RC was discovered only a week ago.  According to,  it is the size of a house, roughly 60 feet in diameter.  Hat tip to  That would make it less than half the size of the asteroid that hit earth at Meteor Crater, west of Winslow, Arizona (picture credit USGS):

Meteor Crater

My first novel, Maki and the Bolide, is the story of a much larger asteroid hitting the earth and causing widespread death and destruction.


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