Benny Lewis: The Irish Polyglot updated part 1

Benny Lewis calls himself as the Irish Polyglot.  He, like Kato Lomb, got nothing out of conventional language learning classes, but beginning with Spanish, he became self taught in a number of languages.  His website is here.

I first came across Benny Lewis in a book titled “The $100 StartUp.  He was one of the featured entrepreneurs in the book.  The $100 Start-Up was about young people who had started businesses  with little or no money using their brains instead.  It’s an amazing story and almost hard to believe.  His original training was as in engineering, but he has become an education entrepreneur in a subject at which he says he wasn’t very good.

Here’s Benny Lewis speaking 8 languages in 2010:

Since he made that tape, he has also learned American Sign Language and is studying Mandarin.

In reviewing the tape, I think I need to explain what he means by the Irish language and Esperanto.  I will do that in part 2 and 3 on Benny Lewis.

Benny Lewis says a passion for the language is  what you need. You can’t learn languages if all you want is to pass a test or meet a prerequisite.


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