A Bolide Asteroid Roundup

During the past week, a number of news stories were reported about Bolides and Asteroids.  So we’ll do a round up of them.

In a story reported by NBC News, American Astronaut Rusty Schweikart says that we should make a first priority of two projects to identify and deflect incoming Asteroids.  Schweikart advocates funds for a deep space infrared telescope to identify incoming asteroids and a space probe to deflect them.  Schweikart flew Apollo 9 and was backup Commander of Skylab.  Here is the story.

In an older but related NBC News story from 2011 I found,  NASA is planning to launch an asteroid probe scheduled to return in 2023.   This will be a probe of the Asteroid 1999 RQ36.  The reason for the probe is that this asteroid is “public enemy No. 1” among the asteroids, that is, the one with the highest probability of striking Earth.  If it takes place, the estimate is 2182.  Read the whole thing here.

Next is a story in Popular Mechanics reporting on a conference on recommendations to the United Nations on the asteroid threat to earth.  The conference  was held last week at the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History.  The conference was prompted by the Chelyabinsk asteroid strike last February, which was described by the participants as “…a shot across the bow.”  Here is the story.

Maki and the Bolide, my novel, is my best guess of what might happen if a huge Asteroid hit the earth and some people survived.  I hope it can be prevented.  Hat tip:  Instapundit.


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