Can Dogs learn to “Talk?”

I’ve shown on these pages dogs who learned to play pool, learned to sing, and play the piano.  But what about talking or speech?  Obviously, there are limits.  I think it depends on the breed and the individual dog.  Some dogs have a limited repertoire beyond barking and growling.  They might howl at fire trucks.  Other dogs are more expressive.  They bark, growl, howl, whine, and sometimes even come very close to talking.  There are numerous videos where women teach their dogs to say “I Love You,” successfully.  Persistence and motivation play a big role there.

From what I’ve seen in You Tube videos, the dogs who seem to be most likely candidates for talking are Huskies.   I think this comes from the rare domestication as a pack animal.  Wolves in the wild are pack animals and I remember from my early childhood hearing wolves in the woods chattering to each other.  I’ve also seen this in nature films.  Here is a You Tube video that demonstrates a kind of cross between talking and howling.  Here’s Kaiser:

In the next posting, I’ll tell the story of Pike’s Dog who “talked.”

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