Asteroid that might hit the Earth in 2880

A story reported on Fox News about another potentially lethal asteroid at  the time I posted the announcement of my new book, The Catrobat.    This Asteroid named 1950 DA was first spotted in 1950.  Then, it was spotted again by NASA in 2000.  They now estimate based on the trajectory that Asteroid could collide with the Earth in 2880.  That’s 867 years from now that  1950 DA poses a catastrophic threat to Earth.  It is 1.1 kilometers in diameter.    Read the whole article here.  I would say we have time to prepare, and I certainly won’t have to change my plans.

A belated hat tip to Instapundit for this belated post.  Glenn Reynolds jokes that he has given away the plot for your next science fiction novel.  My novel is written and available here.

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